Top Features

Improved Tone

2016 Model Raagini Digital has an Improved Tone over it’s predecessors. The clear sound of each string is just magical!

Original Check Button

A long press of this button confirms that you have original Raagini Digital manufactured by Sound Labs.

Hexagonal Cabinet

6 side cabinet of Raagini is an unique design registered shape that improves the sound quality & gives it unique identity.

Capacitive Touch

Raagini’s keyboard is state of the art Capacitive touch technology, a winning combination of smooth & sturdy keyboard.

Digital Setting

Functions like On/Off, Pitch, Fine Pitch, Volume, Tempo are all digitally measured & set. All Raagini’s will operate & sound exactly the same.

SMPS 90V AC to 250V AC

The in-built SMPS, Universal Power Supply makes helps it run the instrument anywhere in the world with its dynamic input power range.

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Who Loves Raagini Tanpura

Hindustani Musicians

Vocalists & Instrumentalists both professional & amateurs of all Hindustani Gharans adore us.

Carnatic Musicians

Carnaic Vocalist, Nadaswaram & Instrumentalists professional & students alike love it.

Light Music, Ghazal, Qawwali & Bollywood

Performers of other branches of Indian Music like Ghazal, Qawwali, Folk, Light Music & Bollywood songs practice with us.

Bhajan, Abhang & Namasankeerthanam

Devotional singers of Bhajan, Abhang & Namasankeerthanam use us to gain & attain spiritual enlightenment.

Bollywood, Fussion & Playback Singers

When it cones to practice / riyaz all Playback Singers across the country depend on us.

Yoga & Meditation

The soothing and relaxing sound of the Tanpura is great for Meditation & Yoga.

Instruction Manual

Printable Text Version in PDF Format.

Graphic Version in PDF Format.

I am so stunning

Raagini Digital Electronic Tanpura 2016 Model
Raagini Digital Electronic Tanpura 2016 Model
Raagini Digital Electronic Tambura 2016 Model
Raagini Digital Electronic Tambura 2016 Model
Raagini Digital Electronic Tanpura 2016 Model
Raagini Digital Electronic Tanpura 2016 Model
Raagini Digital Electronic Tambura 2016 Model
Raagini Digital Electronic Tambura 2016 Model

Raagini’s Tabla & Mridangam

Did You Know!

Raagini Tanpura can be played in both Hindustai 5 Matra style & Carnatic 6 Matra style, but since the default style is 6 Matra, most Hindustani artist now perform with the Carnatic style of 6 Matra!

Hindustani & Carnatic 5 & 6 Matra Playing Style

Raagini is so Durable & Resilient that it can be played for 24 hours non-stop… Go ahead Try it! There are music institutes were it is played for 12-15 hours a day, but it is the Meditation Centers & Lobbys were it plays non-stop.

24 Hours Non-stop Play It All You Can

Technical Details

Information for Musicians who are also Engineers!

  • Input power - 90V AC to 250V AC (SMPS).
  • Pitch Range - A to B covering more than 1 Octave.
  • Power consumption - 6 Watts Max.
  • Net Weight - 760 Grams approx.
  • Gross Weight - 960 Grams approx.
  • Dimensions - 18cm x 10cm x 14cm
  • Speaker - 10 W, 4 Ohms, 4 Inches
  • Battery - 8 (AAA) Pencil cell. 1.5V or Ni-Mh (AAA) 1.2V Chargeable.


The Raagini Digital Instrument is warranted against defects arising out of faulty of defective materials or workmanship for a period of One Year from the date of purchase. In case of defect developing within the period of warranty, the company will undertake to repair the instrument free of charge, provided the instrument is returned to the dealer, freight prepaid with adequate packing.

This warranty is void in case of any of the following :

  • The instrument is damaged by physical abuse, improper handling ,reckless use or negligence of the user.
  • Any repairs or modifications are attempted on the instrument by unauthorised persons.
  • The warranty seal on the instrument is removed or tampered with.

About Raagini Digital

Since its launch in 1998 Raagini Digital has gone on to become the preferred Electronic Tanpura for musicians belonging to all genre of Indian Music. Raagini runs on a high-end microprocessor using the latest technology to deliver a sound quality that touches the very soul of music. Over the years Raagini has undergone numerous change to improve user experience, reliability & stability. 2106 Model is again a step in that direction where by the tonal quality of the instrument has been improved significantly to give that WOW effect!

About Sound Labs

Raagini Digital is designed, developed & manufactured by Sound Labs, at its Parwanoo factory situated in foothills of Himalaya in Himachal Pradesh – India. Sound Labs also manufactures many other professional quality electronic instruments for Indian Music, like Taal Tarang Electronic Tabla, Mridanga Talam Electronic Mridangam, Sangat Digital Electronic Tabla + Tanpura to name some. Raagini is a registered trademark of Sound Labs.